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Drummer Guy
Noteworthy News
JPribe on 22 November 2006 19:11:51 · 0 Comments · 931 Reads · Print
We've seen it before, but not like this.
Noteworthy NewsMore proof some people have nothing else better to do.
JPribe on 31 October 2006 16:01:01
0 Comments · 579 Reads · Print
Firefox crop circle
Noteworthy NewsSome people got bored, found an oat field and had some fun...pretty cool way to honor Firefox
JPribe on 17 August 2006 20:15:17
0 Comments · 445 Reads · Print
All you ever wanted to know
Noteworthy News
JPribe on 01 August 2006 11:49:51
0 Comments · 715 Reads · Print
Monopoly money - hold on to it!!!
Noteworthy NewsHold on to your Monopoly board games, as the money may soon be worth real $$ as collector's items. you may want to go out and buy a brand new one while they still have the paper money in them!!!!  AP.News Link
JPribe on 26 July 2006 09:30:22
0 Comments · 360 Reads · Print
Jon Stewart on....
Noteworthy NewsYou have to watch this....funny, but even more sad than I can describe.
JPribe on 14 July 2006 18:13:30
0 Comments · 360 Reads · Print
Chunk of a man's skull "falls out"
Noteworthy NewsUm, be careful around high voltage: Read more
JPribe on 07 July 2006 07:36:09
0 Comments · 328 Reads · Print
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Noteworthy NewsQuick story about those protecting the rights of computer users.

bpribe on 05 July 2006 06:45:23
0 Comments · 373 Reads · Print
Noteworthy NewsThis is why you should *NOT* keep a laptop IN YOUR LAP!!!!!!!!
JPribe on 21 June 2006 10:42:52
0 Comments · 380 Reads · Print
Across the USA on one tank of gas
Noteworthy NewsOver 3000 MPG. Check it out:
JPribe on 21 June 2006 10:37:00
0 Comments · 357 Reads · Print
PhotographyIf you haven't heard of it, Flickr is the myspace of photographers. I just bothered to sign up for an account and will be keeping stuff in there that is diffrerent than what i put here and at You can view what I've tossed up so far at

Let me know if you like something, I enjoy feedback (you can just post comments via flickr if you'd like)
JPribe on 31 May 2006 18:05:26
1 Comments · 498 Reads · Print
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