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Weird Link of the day
Noteworthy NewsSome whacko is trying to recreate the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee in a very peculiar way...See the monster here.
JPribe on 18 February 2006 18:31:27 · 0 Comments · 372 Reads · Print
Top E-Mails
Site NewsMannansur has started a list of some of the better emails we get on a daily basis. View them here. If you have one to add, let her know (Mannansur.)
JPribe on 15 February 2006 13:03:55
2 Comments · 830 Reads · Print
Babbage computing engine made of Legos
Noteworthy NewsA guy named Andrew Carol had some time on his hands and made a Babbage machine from Legos...absolutely amazing. Check this thing out.
Babbage is credited with having made the first "computer." The computer store Babbage's was named after him.
JPribe on 09 February 2006 05:00:09
0 Comments · 382 Reads · Print
Think before you place a cache
GeocachingThis good intentioned fellow didn't use his brain when placing a cache on a bridge...the bomb squad wasn't too happy. More here on CNN
JPribe on 24 January 2006 05:58:20
0 Comments · 448 Reads · Print
Captain Kirk sells kidney Stone
Noteworthy NewsWilliam Shatner has sold a kidney stone. I can't bring myself to say the story here.
JPribe on 19 January 2006 07:16:15
0 Comments · 389 Reads · Print
The passing of film as a medium to capture the moment
PhotographyWith so many big film companies dropping their film lines in favor of going completely digital, the number of people who shoot film will begin to quickly dwindle, leaving a small number of mentally unstable people to buy what remains of the film. Figure some pros some folks who are resistant to change to continue using film for at least a few more years. More here
JPribe on 19 January 2006 04:46:01
0 Comments · 455 Reads · Print
TV is bad for your sex life!
Noteworthy NewsSeriously. The Italians said so. Who else would know?
Move the TV details
JPribe on 17 January 2006 07:16:43
0 Comments · 363 Reads · Print
Great info for the coffee lover
Noteworthy NewsThanks to Alex Nathanson for getting this on the net and in a highly visible place, the How-to Wiki. If you love coffee like I do, brush up on the French Press:Office Coffee
JPribe on 17 January 2006 07:15:58
0 Comments · 397 Reads · Print
Cannibal honors request
Noteworthy NewsIn Germany a cannibal respected the request of a man who asked to be eaten. Well, he killed him to do so. And then authorites got involved. Weird. And sick.
Read the two page article
JPribe on 17 January 2006 07:15:04
0 Comments · 396 Reads · Print
Robotic hand translates speech
Noteworthy NewsThis is neat...a robo-hand that listens to you and spits out sign cool is that? I bet these will be at all the ATMs soon, right next to the Braille. Seriously, this is awesome, and since Ashlee is a deaf-ed teacher, stuff like this is just cool to us! Can't wait until it hits the US.
Read more
JPribe on 17 January 2006 07:14:16
0 Comments · 386 Reads · Print
Chinese "discovered" America?
Noteworthy NewsNot that Columbus actually discovered America either...the rest of the world forgot the continent. Oh well.
More here
JPribe on 17 January 2006 07:13:08
0 Comments · 335 Reads · Print
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