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A quick and dirty on Ashlee's new photo printer
PhotographyI posted a short article with some sample pics of the beast doing what it does. Check it out here:
JPribe on 12 January 2006 14:31:59 · 0 Comments · 477 Reads · Print
New Jeep Compass concept vehicle
OffroadingThe Jeep Compass has moved on from concept to proof. It looks like a mini Grand Cherokee...sort of. Check it out at
JPribe on 12 January 2006 09:26:26
1 Comments · 478 Reads · Print
Google Earth on
GeocachingA significant update was made to the web site this month. In addition to adding integration of geocaching with the Google Earth mapping program, many additional features and fixes were added to both regular and premium members. Visit? more info.
JPribe on 12 January 2006 09:25:24
0 Comments · 437 Reads · Print
New Jeep Wranglers on the way
OffroadingThe 2007 Jeep Wrangler will be a huge make-over and partial redesign, and I'm not quite sure I like it. Visit more info.
JPribe on 12 January 2006 09:24:25
1 Comments · 444 Reads · Print
New Google Offering - Google Video
Noteworthy NewsGoogle's new video service has just launched. I haven't had the opportunity to test drive the new system, but the general feeling is the service is a fluke -?that it is terrible. It may just be the first time Google has failed at what they do best. Read more.(TechDirt)
JPribe on 10 January 2006 08:24:13
0 Comments · 359 Reads · Print
Canon EOS 20D review
PhotographyFor those interested, this is a review of our new digital camera to supplement Ashlee's Canon EOS Elan IIe. This camera is great, there will soon be stripped versions of images captured by this best on the site. The .JPGs it captures are from 3-5MB a piece, the RAWs are a little bigger than that.
JPribe on 05 January 2006 07:29:41
0 Comments · 511 Reads · Print
Don' feed the's you they'll eat.
Noteworthy NewsMoronic tourists feed wild animals their own body parts. They deserved what they got.
From Reuters
JPribe on 04 January 2006 14:33:01
0 Comments · 368 Reads · Print
Parents leave kids for Vegas
Noteworthy NewsParents left their young kids at home to fend for themselves. Mom and dad were kind enough to leave some cereal and frozen meals.
From Reuters
JPribe on 04 January 2006 14:29:11
0 Comments · 345 Reads · Print
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